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Blacinas - Food Made with Love - Coming Soon!

Blacinas is more than a cafe and catering company.

Nestled in the thriving city of Easton, Pennsylvania, Blacinas is a celebration of the city’s revival and diversity and the rich culinary traditions of the ownership team’s families and heritage.   Lambros Galanos, Eni Brobst, and Michael Waldron, and their families, have deep ties to the city and the people and neighborhoods we serve, and understand the importance of the art of entertaining.
Our cafe and catering style is inspired by tradition, but gives way to creativity.  Our menus feature flavors and techniques of the Mediterranean and South American coasts and countryside.
The name itself, Blacinas, carries a significance that speaks of heritage, family, and culinary memories and artistry.   With this name, we choose to honor Eni’s late grandmother, who embodies the impact of those who cook with love and share their love of cooking and entertaining.